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ABOUT US - the sourcing HUB, Buy & Sell in bulk worldwide

Sourcing for You to Become Great

GLOBUY.IN - a Sourcing  B2B Firm that has been delivering solutions to clients since 2010. Just Post here what ever your requirements or to sell, Relax, it is our responsibility to offer-up to your expectations,

we offer an impressive portfolio of professional B2B services that are completely customizable for your business from Pin to Plane, raw material, semi finished & fully finished.

Whatever your needs or to sell, we will make it your business happen with your target price.​

We will source domestic or global, we will make it happen to achieve your GOAL of procurement or sales at your target price.

Global Buy

Post here to buy in bulk any requirements or products at - raw materials, semi finished or fully finished goods.., to buy, we source domestic or global, we find the right supplier for you, we quote till you reach the target price, buy here at, we sail with you till you reach the product

Sell Globally

Post here to sell any product in bulk here at - raw materials, semi finished goods, fully finished goods, to SELL we source right BUYER for you domestic or global, on supply, buyer buy's from here. we will sail till seller sell's his product at the best match of target price both seller & buyer.

We can source any size of business value, ( minimum value should be Rs.10,00,000 / 15,000 USD)

Pay us a little ( 0.1%) as sourcing charging charges, on the business value to be sourced

We will hunt for you, from the proper manufacturer / Whole seller/ Trader... worldwide

You will be surprised on our sourcing that we 

get the best possible pricing from the best supplier / seller

Once we receive quote from the supplier / seller , we quote to you on your target price or nearing your target price.

You can place order to us on agreeable terms & conditions 

we will procure and supply to you vision & mission
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To be a globally recognized

Customer Centric Sourcing Chain Solutions

Company that improves Customer


Build innovative ideas to source & sell the products using latest technology

that are easy to use and have rich functionality

 Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver world class solutions for varied industry verticals by maximizing value & growth in both our customer’s & our business; our customer & our people being the two 

most important stakeholders of the company. 

We achieve this by continuously nurturing innovation, talent, cost-effectiveness, technological excellence & practicing global processes relax we take care of you in sourcing & buying in bulk

CONTACT US ( Tryo India : parent Company)

4, MMDA Colony, Madhuravoyal, Chennai-95

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