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Once you posted your requirements , through our extensive digital footprints, we shall source domestic or global, we will find THE BEST OUT OF THE BEST manufacturer, whole seller or trader whom has best quality, supply quantity, in time supply strength & all, We get best quote upto your target price, we quote to your company, we make you a great profitability, once order placed we will sail with you till you get delivery of the product. 

Sell in bulk:

Once you posted your product, we review your product quality, certificates, supply strength, price etc.. we quote to buyer directly, buyer place order to us, we procure from you and sell to the buyer.   


Unlike other B2B portals, our company is not selling any leads and enquiries obtained from buyers. Once you posted your requirements, we will find out the best source from our database, serious sellers whom deposits 1% Performance Guarantee on our platform to show his seriousness and commitment towards procuring material from the platform. Once we quote and you place order we supply directly by us where as we procure from our reputed suppliers

PAYMENT only on transferable LC 

Our Platform is designed to facilitate trade on LC payment basis, meaning that you shall pay the payment by the way of transferable LC only

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Buy or Sell worldwide any qty

   Step 1 : Posting   


Post Your Requirements to buy or to sell guide step by step

After Registration, An Interested Buyer / Seller logs-into, seller/ buyer portal or App and sets-up their requirement/s for purchasing / selling a Specified Commodity by providing all the details pertaining to his requirement, payment conditions, packaging conditions and delivery terms etc...

Keyboard and Mouse

One time Charges - To source on behalf of you, domestic or global, pay us a little 0.1% of the business value to 

show our sourcing magic, depends on business value, charges will differ. This is one (1) post charges, once paid 

we source, we quote, we negotiate, we finalize, we take order from you, we check quality, we arrange              inspection, we will arrange shipping, till you receive we will be there.

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F urther to buyer or seller inquiry, we source the buyer/ sellers globally, and are informed about the buyer or seller requirement along with all the relevant information. Once they are quoted, we give consent in the negotiations, Preceding all the formalities, Buyer and sellers are intimated to quote their rates to us.  


Once we receive quote from our supplier, we submit the quote to you and find the comfort level of yours. Still need, we look in with negotiation, till your target price achieved

Casual Business Meeting

Once final quote submitted , we find the comfort level for order placement, You can place order with us and we look in rest of process,


Payments can be made on maximum secure level to proceed your order in any platform- net banking, Escrow,

LC ( irrevocable transferable LC only accepted) etc..


To assure you the quality, quantity, we look in to inspect on behalf of you, wherever in the world, in whatever industry, you can rely on our international partners teams of experts to provide specialized solutions to make your business faster, simpler and more efficient. We partner with leading inspection agencies like SGS Inspection Services ( www. to deliver independent services that will help you to improve operations, reduce risk  and develop smart solutions.

Inspecting a Ring

Advancing from the inspection, goods need to be dispatched to the buyer, before the last allotted day of dispatch and

all the shipping related documents will be uploaded for buyer’s verification. Later, once the goods are delivered, proof of

delivery needs to be uploaded, to verify receipt. We have signed agreement with most world logistics or easy, in time

shipments till the destination.

Fists in Solidarity

Once the goods are delivered , we will see that the supplier are most happier on receiving payment either LC or escrow etc.. let we join our hand together

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