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Hands on Training , Workshop & seminar

"Expertise in

Computer Hardware Technologies"


Let students have Successful employment - Seminar on “The Latest Technology in Hardware” - Workshop cum hands on training on “yourself will be a computer service personal & by yourself can service / assemble a PC”


We Connect Infosystems are a computer Hardware, Networking, wireless, support & solution company mainly PC –Laptop, Desktop, Servers, Printers -Sales, Service and catering to the training aspects to Educational Institutions & support. Offering seminar on the topic - “Hands on Training” to the student’s community is our main motto.

The one day workshop is divided into three segments…..

A seminar on “The latest technology on hardware” - this segment will take through the journey on the transition phases of the latest technology in computers -like mother boards, processors, monitors, Optical Disc drives, hard disc drives etc.. which will be taught on native language … this will surely make the student understand what a computer is & how to get repaired by ourselves or assemble by ourselves & tell the students where we are all heading in  the world of technology.

  A thorough video presentation on “Assembling PC”- this segment will allow taking detailed notes on the components, wiring, fixing and assembling of a computer system.

A “Hands on training” will be held to the students in batches, where the students will be putting the theory and practices together. Pc’s would be displayed to the students with their components dismantled and under the supervision of our senior support manager the students would be assembling the systems with the help of the notes as well as with guidance from our support engineer.

Skill / communication development

How to be successful in an interview,

Personality development

Later on, the session would be opened for the students to throw out their questions.

                The seminar / workshop would consist of 100 – 150 students for the entire session.

                The students would be charged Rs. 200/- each.

 The dates could be fixed on the convenience of the institution after the students register themselves with the

 Head of the department who is in charge.

It would be a great privilege for us to conduct a workshop at your institution and do a part for the upcoming student community.

Contact us at,

Other Topics for seminars / workshops / Hands-on Trainings

1. Skill Development

2. Personality Development

3. Robotics

4. Software development 

5. Windows Operating Systems

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